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Thankful Part 1
Humming filled the air and mingled with the delicious scents and cheerful Christmas music that filled the air and wafted around the small house.
Sakura was bustling about preparing her very first own hand made Thanksgiving dinner. Her stuffing was looking perfect and her turkey was on the brink of being a master piece.
Her pies were almost finished and their sweet smell was enough to seduce even the strongest sugar hater into taking a bite.
She glanced at the clock and smiled brightly.
On top of all that, she was even about an hour ahead of schedule! She still had time to finish everything up and get dressed up nicely to make it appear as if she had not been slaving away way before the crack of dawn to get this all finished in time.
Dancing with the peppy beat of rockin' around the Christmas tree she set her timer and dashed away to get dressed.
Fifteen minutes later she emerged no longer the flour covered apron wearing homemaker but the classy and beautiful hostess of the evening.
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Shadow's Wind on Halloween
Cool crisp air filled Shikamaru's senses as he stepped out of the Hokage building. Letting out a soft sigh he started for home after another mission well done, folding his hands behind his head as he ambled through Konoha. Time now for a little vacation time, as prescribed by Tsunade. Wee…
Really he despised vacations. It meant he was expected to be around his home more often. His mother expected him to help her out more, so really…he rested more when on a mission. Which was sad to think about.
So Shikamaru changed his thoughts. Deciding instead to think about how spend the up coming holiday.
Halloween; a time of festivity and disguise, mystery and fun.
Sighing he remembered how his mother thought the whole holiday to be a big pile of poo. Shikamaru wandered through the streets, delaying going home.
He spotted Sakura ahead, she looked very distraught. Thinking it'd be a noble excuse to offer his mother as to why he was late arriving Shikamaru increased the pace of his slow am
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All I Really Want
A biting chill filled the winter air but it didn't seem to bother the young boy sitting out in it. The cold wind ruffled his blood red hair and flapped his tattered jacket ends about as he sat staring off with vacant eyes.
He sat on an old swing that groaned with age and creaked with every sparse movement he made.
Laughter could be heard coming from the big building behind him.
It was his home.
It was a children's home. An orphanage.
His real family didn't want him so he had to stay there because he had to stay somewhere; he was just too young to live alone. It didn't seem to be anything like what a home was said to be like though.
Not many of the kids liked him, and those who didn't mind him didn't talk to him much, or any really.
He figured he was too quiet for them.
Actually, it seemed to young Gaara that the only one who did like him was the old woman who ran the place.
He pushed his legs off the ground to sway the swing a little.
They'd just had a Christmas party because it was Ch
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The soft lyrical sound of the stream slowly sliding by was a comfort to the worn and weary warrior who sat crouched beside it.
It gave his sensitive ears something to focus on, something to use in soothing his troubled mind.
The furry white appendage on the top of his head twitched slightly when he heard the subtle sound of foot steps coming toward him.
Inuyasha sighed and slumped further into himself. Of course Kagome could never leave him alone, even when that was all he really wanted.
"Inuyasha?" she whispered.
He didn't answer. Why should he? She'd stay whether he replied or not.
Just as he predicted, she came over to his side and settled herself down in the grass beside him.
Inuyasha didn't even glance over at her, if he did he knew exactly what he'd see; and he didn't want that.
He hated pity. Absolutely hated it.
Silence stretched out over them for a long time; apparently Kagome had no intension of speaking to him.
Then why did she even come over here?
Finally giving into his cu
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Average Sunday
A chirping bird acted as her alarm clock on the bright warm Sunday morning. Stirring underneath her covers Tohru peeked out from the edge of her blankets at her actual alarm clock. It wasn't set to go off for about another hour, but since she was already up…
Stretching, the brunette yawned widely and swung her legs over to the side of her bed. She might as well get up and get started since she was awake.
After she was showered and dressed she headed for the kitchen to start breakfast.
She lived with three men and each had a hearty appetite.
As she turned to enter the main room on her journey to the kitchen Tohru spied Kyo out in the yard practicing.
Smiling sweetly at the orange haired boy she continued on her way. He seemed at peace this morning, she was happy for that; of course, it could be because Yuki wasn't awake yet. The soft spoken boy was not a morning person so he often slept in when he could. Which gave both the cat and the rat a short reprieve from their seemingly cons
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Curing Boredom
The train whistle screeched through the air signaling that it was pulling out of the station. Steam from the train engine shrouded the ground in a thin warm veil. Stepping through the damp mist Winry glanced around the boarding station. Where were they? Where was he? He was supposed to be there to greet her and take her to the inn. There was no sign of Al either, and he was the responsible one; which was sad considering he's the younger brother.
Winry sighed and headed for a bench to sit and wait a while. She'd give them a little while longer and then she'd call for a ride to take her to the inn.
Twenty minutes later her patience was just about as frayed as it possibly could be. Winry stood, clenching her fists and growling to herself quietly.
"Damn that Edward…" she grumbled to herself.
"Hey Winry!" his voice called out.
Her head snapped up and she locked eyes with him.
He stood waving like a lunatic several yards away, Al in his mighty metal armor beside him.
Anger momentarily f
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Once Before
Mornings always seemed a bit cold to Midori. Even in the summer when it was warmest, mornings always held a certain chill about them. Perhaps it was the hour in which she always woke. She got up so early it sometimes seemed the world had yet to wake up entirely and without the bustle and noise of the city's population at full capacity it just came off as chillier.
Even with this being so, there was a particular charm to mornings that she enjoyed very much.
Morning was one of the few times she could see her crush, Seiji. He was a secret crush and she was much too shy to even speak to him much less confess to him, but even still, she'd been watching him and loving him with all of her heart for many years.
This morning was no different. It being Monday, she'd hurriedly dressed and rushed to the train platform to await her chance to lay eyes on him.
It was such a thrill for her to do simply that, to just view him made her tremble with joy. Every morning she'd take in his blonde hair, his s
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United States
i'm a girl who tends to daydream more than i should. i love making friends and family is the most important thing to me. i have a huge family so it helps that they matter so much...or we would have duels to the death alot.
i love writing! it is my favorite hobby and my greatest passion. i would love to have things i write published someday and though i do not know how i compare to the great ones who have already achieved publishment i will try hard and do what i can.
i had an account on and my brother and someday to be sister both have accounts on here and jessie suggested i post a few things i have written on here to see how they do. and that is what i am doing. i hope that everyone and anyone who reads something i wrote enjoy it greatly. thank you!

Current Residence: The Island of Misfit Toys
Favourite genre of music: mostly pop or punk rock but some other stuff is often thrown in
Favourite style of art: squiggles and doodles
Operating System: drink kaos monster :p go til crash. repeat.
Shell of choice: nut!
Wallpaper of choice: not white
Skin of choice: :3 soft
Favourite cartoon character: mojo jojo
A friend told me I would need a second account to get better results for my actual writing. I love writing fanfiction it is so much fun! But it is even more fun to create my own characters and my own plot lines! I prefer to write romance but I like giving it a few twists; such as throwing in vampires and werewolves cyborgs and all other kinds of sci-fi and magical possibilities. The world is a great big ball of mystery that can hold anything our hearts can dream of and that's what I want my stories to show.
I also want to make amazing people, yet show they aren't perfect, that no one is but that it's ok that way.
I have several projects I am working on and I am trying to get the hang of this site still, but I am hoping to get helpful feedback on the stuff I post. I wanna know how people react to my writing...and if I stand a chance in the publishing world.
Anyway, FanggirlX shall be my fanfiction page and cyberbatLA shall be my actual fiction page. Please give my stuff a chance. I'd really love to hear how people think of it. :D
  • Listening to: a great playlist! woo!
  • Reading: stories i wrote...gotta find something good to pos
  • Watching: polls. my brother's in a contest! yay!
  • Playing: eeny-meeny-miney-mo
  • Eating: loaded potato! mmmmmm
  • Drinking: cherry 7up

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